Thinking about things that don’t matter!

Thinking about things that don’t matter!

Hi everyone, I hope you are well wherever you are in the world..

So. Very lately I have had a few thoughts now and again, about my memory.. BECAUSE I do get paranoid for no reason that I have dementia. When I know I do not. It is because of what I went through. Which was nearly a year ago!

But bedsides the point. WE all struggle at times, within our lives when we are feeling anxious, demotivated and sad. But when we feel like this. WE need to get back up and keep your head high! BECAUSE there is nothing better than knowing you have achieved something so miraculous.. I do not dam well that there is nothing wrong with me, because we all forget things now and again. What I have said to myself is that you only remember what you want to remember. AND my mum has said is that with many things I do look for it!!


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Lauren Rogers


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