Earning money and how much do I earn a month?

Earning money and how much do I earn a month?

Hi everyone I hope you are well wherever you are in the world..

SO! I hope you all in good health! So I hope you enjoy this one!

So for nearly a year I have had a part time job as a waitress which I absolutely LOVE because I have made so many friends and I love the environment that I get to work in, I get to go different events such as weddings, funerals and award ceremonies! Since I have been there I have mostly only been to weddings. I find it so special that I can be a part of someones special day which does make me feel GOOD!

But regarding how much money I do make each month. It really does depend on how many shifts I do get because some months I can get 1-2 shifts a month other months I can get 3 shifts. It does just depend on the time of the year. Because I get paid in arrears. So if I was to have shifts after the 20th of April I will get paid for that in JUNE. Which I do find useful in some respects because then I do know that I have money to come!

This month I have only received £18 from my other job! Because I do also clean my village hall every weekend (or the majority of the month) for £6 an hour. But I only do an hour because that is only what is required of me! So I got paid £18 for March! It is EASY money. Better than not earning any money.


I have a new budget of £30 a month to spend on whatever I want! Because I have realized that I do not spend much during the months and If I was to. It would only be some FOOD! Which is my biggest downfall.. AND if I want something I will just save! BECAUSE each month  if I have or haven’t spent my money I will still ADD my spending money ON!


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Lauren Rogers

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