Less is more.

Less is more.

Hi everyone I hope you all well wherever you are in the world..

I am going to get straight into this blog!

So have you ever thought about whether your life would be better if you had less in it? BECAUSE that is something I complementing at the moment! Because after watching a YOU TUBER about minimalism and the benefits of having less within your life and what that can do for you! It has sparked something in ME to try and spend more time with my friends and family and to be less immersed in SOCIAL MEDIA and to be just within my own world and to just be free from negativity and unwanted harassment. Because what I have realized more than ANYTHING is that FAMILY AND FRIENDS will always be a higher value than any materialistic item. AND to just within my own element and to really spend time with the ones that I love and appreciate.

Because I do find it so sad that many people if all, do not have the time or are to immersed within SOCIAL MEDIA and having the next best thing! THAT us as humans are not spending the time that we used to with our family and friends like it was YEARS AGO! AND the thing that I find so sad is that one day those people will not be here anymore and you then may have regrets from not spending much time with those people. BECAUSE now days I just think that the world has just become one massive business and everyone is in it to make money and that is why many people do not have time for ANYTHING anymore. BECAUSE it is all about being the richest person. How is that healthy?


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Lauren Rogers

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