Is money an incentive?

Is money an incentive?

Hi everyone I hope you are well wherever you are in the world..

I thought I would do another thought-provoking blog! So I hope you like it!

So let’s get into this one!

So within everyday life  do you always think about MONEY and what that can do for you and your life. Or do you do something because you JUST enjoy it and you have a passion for it? AND that is my QUESTION to you. Because these days it does seem that many people do just do things for money because they will think that it will make them more happier. But in reality does MONEY make you happy? Because that is something that I have thought about and that I have also wrote about! BECAUSE just recently I have realized that money is not EVERYTHING and the reason why I now know this. Is because FAMILY AND FRIENDS are so much more important and money is just a materialistic value whereas your family and friends give you love and peace and that is so much more important and significant.

BECAUSE the reason why I have always wanted to have loads of money and be a millionaire is because I have always watched people who are famous and successful and I have wanted what they have because their life does seem so peaceful and fun with no stress or worries within their life and that they can BUY ANYTHING that they want WHEN they want. AND that is why I had that perception and view. But that is far from the truth. Because whether you are a celebrity or a person with a nine to five job. AT THE END OF THE DAY we all humans and we all have emotions. But I now do know that with whatever job I do have when I am older I will doing it for the LOVE and the PASSION and not for the money as such. BECAUSE as I have grown into a person I have really realized what matters and that is LIFE and FAMILY AND FRIENDS.





Lauren Rogers

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