Music brings unity and peace!

MUSIC brings unity and peace!


Lets get straight into this one..

Music is such a powerful thing within our lives,  because without it I feel that many if not all of us would be so sad and unmotivated.. Music makes people feel good. (Don’t you agree?) I LOVE music so much I have always been surrounded with music as I was growing up.. It makes me feel less anxious about certain things within my life and I am sure it does with your life too.

The most beautiful thing that I find with music is that you can UNITE too strangers and then they can become BEST FRIENDS or even husband or wife.. Just over being involved with MUSIC I think that it is so magical..

When you go to a concert and you see your favorite singer it is such an amazing experience that you will never ever forgot. But what I do find so more amazing is if you are ever feeling upset for any reason music can uplift you in moments.. But also with MUSIC it doesn’t matter if you are GAY or LESBIAN or even a MUSLIM basically what I am saying is with MUSIC it unites everyone together it doesn’t have a preference or an identity  it unites and brings everyone together. MUSIC does not have any fear.




Lauren Rogers

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