Keep your head up!

Keep your head up!

Hello you BEAUTIFUL BUTTERFLIES,  I hope you are all very well..

My intention behind why I have decided to write this post is because I know that within all of our lives at some point we won’t be happy or inclined to work for something that we truly do believe that we can achieve it may be that certain aspiration that you have been wanting to reach for so many years…  AND you have been working for years on this certain dream and nothing is working so you just GIVE UP! But your dreams and aspirations won’t be reaching for you.. You have to reach for it.. I have written another blog that may be of some interest to you. BELIEVE ACHIEVE SUCCEED!

Within our lives we all go through things that we sometimes never know if we are ever going to be able to get out of but HONESTLY you will.. I am only a teen and I find it so difficult sometimes to even be motivated to do either my homework or just to get out of bed.. AND I am sure that this is the reality of it.. WORK AND LIFE balance there is no comparison.. Some people never do have a break from their day-to-day job they are going home at the early hours of the morning awake.. CONTINUING their day to day job in the early hours of the morning.. WHAT LIFE IS THAT? there isn’t one..

But the main message that I am trying to get across to all of you is that YOU CAN KEEP YOUR HEAD UP even in the darkest of times because it won’t be like that forever I can assure you. What ever you are going through it is only for a short amount of time. Life is about trial and error..

As I am writing this blog I am listening to BIRDY the reason why is because I do find that her music can be so dark but also so uplifting and calm and this  is the same with the situations within your life.. They can begin dark and the feel of no hope but then they gradually come out of this dark fog and become a BEAUTIFUL BUTTERFLY in other words when everything is so dark eventually everything will be fine and you will feel on the top of the world it! feeling down and sad is not for long.. I know that you will find a way to KEEP YOUR HEAD UP.

I hope that this has helped in any way it would mean the absolute world if you could leave a little comment so I know that you have read it. Thank you



Lauren Rogers




11 thoughts on “Keep your head up!

  1. Hi Lauren, glad you stumbled upon my crazy blog. Interesting post and with more time I´ll try to read more.

    Just a thought, if you seak happiness then you are going to probably be more unhappy than happy most of the time. But I think the key to enjoy the little things wich can lead to enjoy the journey to accomplish the ¨big¨ things.

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