Being a teen what is it like?

Being a teen what is it like?


So hello EVERYONE I hope you are well and enjoying your MONDAY?

So for today’s blog.. I thought I would talk about what it is like being 18! Because on the 5th September I turned 18!

What I would like to say is that what ever age you are it is only a NUMBER.. AND you shouldn’t let that phase you or worry you.. BECAUSE there is more to life than a number..

So from being a TEENAGER to now being an official adult if I’m honest NOTHING has changed.. I’m still the immature kind hearted person.. BUT I’M AN ADULT…

This moment in time I don’t have any particular responsibilities apart from cleaning my bedroom and washing up now and again..

Being 17 and turning 18 there isn’t much difference because for me as an individual I don’t even like alcohol.. AND I don’t have a boyfriend. So compared to what my life was like when I was 17 there is no comparison.

But one thing I can tell you is that every year you have your birthday you should always remember that you are lucky enough to be celebrating a MILESTONE within your life because many people are not that fortunate.. LIFE is precious enjoy every single minute.





Lauren Rogers

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